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TV channel CS film

Czechoslovak film company [Československáfilmováspolečnost, s.r.o.] is transmitting own TV program Czech and Slovak films by TV channel CS film already five years and we obtain almost 724 586 householders in Czech and Slovak Republic, e.g. 1,956.382 viewers.

Together we operate TV program Czech and Slovak animated films for children by TV channel CS mini already two years and we obtain more than 500 thousands householders in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Our company have a concession for broadcasting both programs in Czech and Slovak Republic.

We aim at man/woman 50/50, age 35-64 = 71,9 %. Education: skilled = 48,46 %.

Audience share daily/monthly are 85 000 / 672 000 viewers (e.g. 0,22 %) and we fill 17th place on the Czech market.

The CS film is television program of the Czech and Slovak films. This program bring widest offer Czech and Slovak films for viewers in both countries. It presents 186 feature films and series magazine and movies about film. The CS film is first and only one Czech television station which is offering entirely Czech and Slovak films. This station quote to viewer more than 3 000 titles under the time her existence. The CS film is introducing Czech or Slovak feature film every second hour and these films do not interrupt by advertisement.

The CS mini is television program of the Czech and Slovak kids` films. The program CS mini is determined for children from three years old to twelve years old children. The CS mini is introducing subsequently greatest hit Czech and Slovak animated and played production.


CS film is transmitting since 12:00 till 24:00 hour

CS mini is transmitting since 06:00 till 12:00 hour

The both programs is transmitting on the same frequency

Distribution of the programs CS film and CS mini are provide via satellite transponder ASTRA 3B position: 23,5° E, frequency: 11,876 GHz, polarization: horizontal, SR: 27500, FEC: ¾, standard: DVB-S, modulation: QPSK. This transmission is coded by system Cryptoworks/IRDETO.

Beside this satellite is reception possible via satellite Thor 5/6 - 0,8°W.